Newly-wed’s dance in the desert

How much satisfaction and pleasure I got while I was doing photoshoot for this newly -wed couple. Anna was so childish innocent, shining and elegant in her gorgeous white gown, she was walking and stepping like a real model with delicate movements and grace of a ballerina.
We started our photoshoot on the beach with stunning Burj Al Arab view, corresponding with its romantic and modern style to this young people. They were dancing, smiling, running into the water like kids, who were really enjoying the beach.
Later on  we went to the next location Al Qudra desert and we had a great time.
This beautiful desert with its endless sands made them feel free and relaxed, the sky that turned so many different shades as the sun sank behind the horizon inspired them and let them express their emotions and feelings.
I could see the flames in their eyes, love expression on their faces, real passion and satisfaction of being together and holding each other.
How much love, passion, admiration I saw this day… I wished I had many couples like this making me so creative and giving me such a big inspiration.