When I went to that photoshoot I had no idea about the client and had no special concept. We had agreed to do a desert photoshoot. What a pleasant surprise was when I met Liza –she was so charming, smiling, full of energy and really enthusiastic for the photoshoot. And she was so well prepared for it. Liza had in her mind a full idea of her look and she brought all necessary outfits, accessories, she had a beautiful make up and a  perfect hair style. A real professional who had a great willingness to make these photos happen. Liza was ready to follow my instructions and to pose in different ways, she was  feeling comfortable either in the gorgeous bright gown or later on in the denim shorts.
One should know that a successful photoshoot depends on different elements’ aspects. It is a process that should consist of initial idea created into a concept with the look of the model, followed by the specific style and appropriate outfit corresponding with the location. All these elements make the photoshoot completed.
I was so happy with the final result and Liza got beautiful photos.