Boryana Shehtova for Hello magazine

This photoshoot is very special and means a lot to me because first of all the model is my twin sister (a professional model as well) and second I was so flattered for being invited from Hello Bulgaria magazine to make this photoshoot and to write an article about it.
The location that I chose for it was not a typical one, but it was a construction site on the beach with big fences and security. That’s why it took us time to find a way to get there, literally we had to sneak under the fence and hide from the security guy. But that was the funny part and risks of the profession J
That was the easiest photoshoot because I had the best model Boryana who is a seasoned model with great experience and she did her job brilliantly. But at the same time it was quite responsible because I knew that this job was assigned from the magazine and I had no right to make a mistake.
Fortunately we have done a great job and I believe that we got amazing photos with gorgeous model Boryana.