Nadiya – she is a special person in my life. The moment she entered into my world I felt and knew that this would be a long friendship.
We met at my friend’s wedding photoshoot. I was watching her working as a photographer with such tranquility and passion, enjoying every moment of her work. She was smiling and chatting, having fun and sharing the happiness of this moment with the newly-wed couple. She was really enjoying the process of capturing these happy moments.
Then I realized that this is one of the most important part of photographer’s job –  she needs to make a close relation with the clients to make them feel free to express their cherished emotions, to let them share their feelings so she could be able to capture these special moments.
This first meeting a year ago made the beginning of our great friendship and work together as photographers. She is my big inspiration, my influencer and a guiding light. We  have great photoshoots together sharing our passion and inspiring each other, creating and exchanging ideas. We  spend evenings with a glass of wine in a hand, immersed in our conversations , talking and laughing for hours and it is never enough.
Because Nadiya is from these special people so gentle and polite, who is not able to insult or behave bad with anyone. She is that typical Libra person who is always seeking for the balance and beauty, refined in every sense of the word.
It is always pleasure and at the same time such challenge to make a photoshoot of her. Once I could catch her docile and sweet side with her childish smile and flames in her eyes. The next time she can turn into a strong and resilient woman. Elegant and seductive. Even in rare moments when she gets into a funk ,she doesn’t wait for the dark cloud to lift,  she is able to keep that unique passionate approach to life and is trying to appreciate each moment.

She is just a precious friend I am so grateful to have in my life!