Love story of Kristina and Illshat

I will show you here the love story of Kristina and Illshat.
I was so pleased when met them for the first time on the beach in such lovely mood and romantic atmosphere. I thought that they we newly married couple as there were so much passion and love fluids between them. But what a surprise to realize that they got married years ago and had 3 kids.
Kristina is also a photographer specialized in photoshoots for newborns. She creates amazing photos of babies. I can say her works are masterpieces that every mother would die for.
This was a wonderful, very easy going and enjoyable photoshoot thanks to Kristina’s wonderful energy, she is able to pass her great mood and creativity to others. She was so elegant and natural like a fairy, beautiful with her shiny blond hair, deep blue eyes with sparkles, charming irresistible smile.
During the photoshoot I was feeling myself as I was watching a beautiful fairy tale, both heroes were playing their roles as they were alone in their world, seeing only each other, enjoying every second… And I was just capturing these romantic and exciting moments that was expressing a real, pure love.