Helen of Troy or Beautiful Elena

The story behind this photoshoot is funny and confirms the saying that if you want something absolutely truly you can achieve it, if you like what you do, you will make it happen in the best possible way.
The story began at the moment when I bought a beautiful dress and I captured in my head the full scenario for a fashion photoshoot in the desert. My friend and colleague Nadiya Onoda found a girl who wanted to have such photoshoot. But what a surprise and kind of a stress for me when a day before the photoshoot the girl told me that she preferred photos in the city and sent me the type of photos that she liked. I was terrified. The whole concept had failed. I started considering  another option so I could make the photoshoot happen and at the same time to satisfy the client’s requirements and wishes. After a long conversation with her clarifying my ideas and her expectations I figured out a new concept and found a new location. On the way to our meeting I was really worried.
Once I met Elena, all my concerns and anxiety disappeared. I saw a beautiful young girl, with curly golden hair, deep blue eyes and an irresistible smile. She shared her worries with me because this was supposed to be a new experience to her.
But once she stepped on the beach dressed in the beautiful gown she turned into a real Greek goddess. I could have told that she was the real Helen of Troy- The beautiful Elena.
Elegant and graceful movements, beautiful silky hair shining into the sun, big blue eyes, the kind you could get lost in. She was walking on the sands like a Hollywood actress, staring into the camera with such passion and excitement. She was posing with such poise and confidence believing it to be the most beautiful woman in the world. And the beauty was not only in the clothes she wore, the figure that she carried or the way she played with her hair. The beauty was seen in her eyes. There was a contentment on her face.
This was one of the most inspiring photoshoots for me giving me satisfaction and pleasure.